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Good Network Foundation

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Contact information

ul. Marszałkowska 6/17
00-590 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 22 825 70 22
Fax: +48 22 622 02 11
Email: biuro[at]


General information

Good Network Foundation was founded in May 2009 by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, one of the most experienced non-governmental organisations in the country. From the very beginning the foundation has run two main programmes: My Scholarship and E-volunteering.

My Scholarship ( is by far the biggest database of scholarships available in Poland.

In the framework of the second project, E-volunteering, Good Network Foundation established the first Polish website dedicated to online volunteering: It was the first organisation to coin the term “e-volunteering” in Poland and it has been continuously attempting to ensure its presence in public media in order to make e-volunteering an integral part of Polish non-governmental organisations’ agendas.



The main objectives of the E–volunteering programme are:

*to promote e-volunteering, both in Poland and in Europe
*to disseminate practical knowledge about using new technologies as a means of strengthening civil society and increasing public commitment in Poland
*to establish common standards of volunteer work via the internet
*to achieve the recognition of e-volunteering as equal to ‘traditional’ forms of volunteering
*to change the negative image of the internet by highlighting its positive attributes, i.e. enabling people to help others
*to fight against e-exclusion by promoting virtual volunteering among the elderly, the disabled or women working at home, etc.
*to establish a network of Polish and European organisations working in the field of volunteering and e-volunteering.

Good Network Foundation now intends to expand its field of activity by establishing networks with other European organisations.

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