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National Alliance for Volunteer Action (NAVA)

Contact information 

28A Petko Karavelov st

Plovdiv 4000


Tel: +359 32 625197



General information

National Alliance for Volunteer Action (NAVA) Foundation was established in Plovdiv in May 2000 as an organization for public benefit.  The mission of NAVA is to revive the tradition of volunteerism in Bulgaria and to improve the public’s perception of volunteerism through organizing various initiatives, which include a large number of people from society, and promoting the values of volunteerism.

NAVA’s Strategic Goals:

  • To popularize volunteerism as a form of citizenship

  • To collaborate with local authorities in the implementation of local social and youth policy

  • To contribute to legal regulation of the conditions and modalities for volunteerism in Bulgaria

  • To develop social services and prevention programs for children at risk, reintegrating them into society, and providing support for their parents

  • To form and support teams to provide social services in line with European quality and standards

  • To increase awareness and sensitivity toward problems relating to abandonment and institutionalization

  • To create models for supporting local community centers which provide social services for children and families

  • Support the development of social enterprises in the country

  • Establish and support of Network of Centers for Volunteers.




By September 2015 NAVA consolidate network of 52 Center for Volunteer /CFV/ in over 20 administrative areas in the country.

Profile of the organizations hosting Centers for Volunteers, part of NAVAs` network of: NGOs, hospitals, Centers for social support, schools, universities, community centers, libraries, municipalities, commercial enterprises.



Areas of work and services

Basic directions of our voluntary activities are: developing the potential of young people, social support for vulnerable groups / including Roma community / health, sports, social entrepreneurship and others. The team provides expert support organizations to volunteer programs in their activities.

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