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Associate member 
Contact information:
Naselje Lamela bb
75320 Gračanica
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 35 702 860
Fax: +387 35 706 419
Email: osmijeh[at]


General information


Under the umbrella of OSMIJEH operates the Centre for the Promotion and Development of Voluntary Work.
The basic activities of the centre are:


 *Organisation and coordination of different voluntary activities
*Training for organisations and voluntary work projects and their volunteers
*Training volunteers for their work
*Supervision of projects
*Supervision for volunteers
*Assessment and evaluation work
*Promotion of voluntary work (contacts with the media, rewards for volunteers, conferences, newsletter publishing, web-site creation, different volunteers’ events, etc.)
*Preparing written materials (guidelines, books, etc.)
*Data base collection and information dissemination
*Networking with similar organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
*Organisation of visits of foreign volunteers
*Consultation for organisations, institutions and individuals in the field of voluntary work.
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