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Communications kit

To strengthen, Inspire & Celebrate Volunteering and Solidarity


The content provided in this Tool Kit aims to support you and your members and partners to make the #EVCapital Competition more known to municipalities and regional authorities and to motivate their candidatures. All European municipalities from a Council of Europe country can participate and the deadline for the 2026 Competition is on 3 June 2024.

Please note that all the information provided here aims to bring added value to our CEV mission to contribute to the creation of an enabling political, social and economic environment in Europe where the full potential of volunteering can be realised. The action points, as well as the use of the contents of the tool kit, are offered as recommendations to support our shared objectives.

EVCapital 2025 logo.png

What does the Tool Kit consist of?

#EVCapital Logos

Logo to be included in your own communication outputs​.

#EVCapital Digital Flyer

Easy to share online and to print as an A4/A5 handout in meetings.

#EVCapital Call

Call for Candidates & press release issued to announce it​.

#EVCapital Call Video

A catchy way to explain #EVCapital competition and announce the new call​.

#EVCapital PPS Presentation

A 7-slides editable presentation. Copy, add, translate, and/or adapt the content for the events.


#EVCapital Why be an EV Capital candidate?

The document shows you the different reasons why you should be an #EVCapital candidate.

#EVCapital Suggested Social Media Posts

Living document with suggested social media content to be translated & used regarding the timeline. For any questions or doubts about the information provided here, please contact

#EVCapital Social Media Graphic Resources

Use these social media graphics to announce and promote the #EVCapital 2026 competition.

#EVCapital Action Points

How to bring visibility to the #EVCapital 2026 Call & use the toolkit?​

#EVCapital Legacies 2014 - 2023

In this document you can find the legacy of the different European Volunteering Capitals from 2014 to 2023.

#EVCapital Picture Gallery

Use the photos for creating content

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