European Volunteering Capital Competition

About the competition 

In 2013 European Year of Citizens, CEV launched the European Volunteering Capital competition to promote and develop volunteering at the local level.

Former European Commission Vice President Viviane Reding welcomed the initiative given that it clearly showed the strong link between European Years 2011 and 2013, and demonstrated CEV’s continued support for cross-border volunteering in Europe. But what is this initiative all about?

What is the EV Capital?

The #EVCapital is an Europe-wide open competition that aims to promote volunteering at the local level by giving recognition to municipalities that support and strengthen partnerships with volunteer centres and volunteer-involving organisations and celebrate and promote volunteering and the impact made by volunteers.

Who can participate?

All European Municipalities can participate. The awarded municipality is chosen from the candidates by an international jury of key personalities connected with volunteering, representing civil society, the private, for-profit sector, as well as the EU institutions.

Why should you apply?
If your municipality would like recognition for their volunteering initiatives, to strengthen the local framework for volunteer, and inspire a culture of volunteerism in your community, then apply to become the next #EVCapital! 

How will the winner be selected?

The award is chosen from the applicant municipalities by an international jury of experts who assess the extent to which the recommendations as listed in P.A.V.E. and the “5R” policy priorities as identified in the PAVE 5 year review Helping Hands, are shown to be implemented. Evidence about their engagement with, and support for, the European Solidarity Corps, and actions related to supporting volunteers in the COVID-19 response is also required. Applicants are also asked to indicate if they are signatories of the Integrating Cities Charter. Read more...

When will the results be communicated?

The winning municipality is announced each  December  around the International Volunteer Day, at the closing ceremony of the incumbent EVCapital. The title will be used in order to raise awareness about volunteering and volunteer-related activities at local, national, regional and EU level.


For more information, please contact CEV Director, Gabriella Civico ( gabriella.civico[at]