European Volunteering Capital 2020

Strengthening, Inspiring & Celebrating Volunteering and Solidarity in Europe since 2013

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International Volunteer Day 2020 Padova - EV Capital 2022

Announcement & Handover to Berlin EV Capital 2021


Padova #EVCapital 2020 Opening Ceremony

Sergio Mattarella
Sergio Mattarella

President of the Italian Republic

Luca Zaia
Luca Zaia

President of Veneto Region

Sergio Giordani
Sergio Giordani

Mayor of Padova Municipality

Gabriella Civico
Gabriella Civico

CEV Director

Emanuele Alecci
Emanuele Alecci

President of CSV Padova

Stefano Tabo
Stefano Tabo

CSVnet President

"Volunteering has a strong impact on our social system".

"Volunteers' passion defeats indifference".

Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic

"Padova 6.466 associations are active in supporting volunteering".

Sergio Giordani, mayor of Padova Municipality


"In Veneto Region, the first NGO was created, Cuamm Medici con l'Africa".

"Volunteering is in our DNA".

Luca Zaia, President of Veneto Region


"Volunteering is the main agent of social transformation".

"Volunteering contributes to social Europe by preventing extremism and populisms". 

Gabriella Civico, Director of CEV


"We want to be the first in supporting #Europe to avoid new walls".

Emanuele Alecci, President of CSV Padova


"Volunteering as a pulsive presence across our country and beyond".

Stefano Tabo, CSVnet President

EVCCC Opening Ceremony Padova EVCapital


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