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European Volunteering Capital 2019

Strengthening, Inspiring & Celebrating Volunteering and Solidarity in Europe since 2013

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Košice #EVCapital 2019 Closing Ceremony

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In December, took place the official event to thank Košice as EVCapital 2019, welcome Padova as EVCapital 2020 and congratulate Berlin as EVCapital 2021.
We shared all the memories of the year and plans for the future, the evening was the occasion for the Slovakian Volunteer of the Year awards, an important opportunity to recognise and reward volunteers from across Slovakia.

Košice #EVCapital 2019 EU Regions Week Event

EU Regions Week 2019

Led by the EVCapital 2019, Košice, members of the European Volunteering Capital Candidate Community (EVCCC) hosted a participatory lab "Solidarity and Volunteering - European Rights and Values from the bottom up" on 8th October in the Committee of the Regions, Brussels.

Košice #EVCapital 2019 Study Visit

Study Visit 2019

Study visit to the EV Capital 2019 – Košice took place between 15 - 17 September 2019.
The event was open to representatives of the European Volunteering Capital Candidate Community (EVCCC).

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press release click here.

Closing Ceremony Sligo #EVCapital 2017

Košice EVCapital 2019 Winner Announced

#EVCapital 2019Jury announcement.

Sophia Eriksson – EC
Michael Evason – IBM (EVEN)
Marian Harkin – EP
Mary-Anne Hennessy – CoE
Seamus Kilgannon – Sligo City Council - EV Capital 2017
Kieran McCarthy - CoR
Cristina Rigman – President of CEV
Gonçalo Lobo Xavier – EESC


Lucia Gurbáľová, the Vice-Mayor of Košice, attended the CEV Capacity Building Conference in Budapest where she met with Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Christina Rigman, CEV President and Gabriella Civico, CEV Director.

Feedback from the Jury: In choosing Košice as the European Volunteering Capital 2019 the jury identified a genuine interest in ensuring quality volunteering and a deep understanding of the need to focus on quality not only with regard to the activities themselves, but also in providing sufficient funding for this to be ensured. The creative campaigns to motivate new volunteers and good mix of local and national awards were also seen as positive, as was the focus on research, data collection and funding & support to infrastructure organisations.  Efforts to encourage corporate volunteering and sport volunteering with a focus on improving health and well being was identified as an excellent idea, as was the “volunteer house”. Good quality standards with an appropriate toolkit were also highlighted, in addition to an extensive range of activities for formal, non-formal, and lifelong learning. The inclusive and comprehensive approach was commended and the participation of many stakeholders in the preparation of the candidature was also noted as a positive element.

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