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Aarhus, European Volunteering Capital 2018

Strengthening, Inspiring & Celebrating Volunteering and Solidarity in Europe since 2013

Aarhus European Volunteering Capital 201
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Aarhus #EVCapital 2018 Closing Ceremony

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In December, took place the official event to thank Košice as EVCapital 2019, welcome Padova as EVCapital 2020 and congratulate Berlin as EVCapital 2021.
We shared all the memories of the year and plans for the future, the evening was the occasion for the Slovakian Volunteer of the Year awards, an important opportunity to recognise and reward volunteers from across Slovakia.

EV Capital 2018: Aarhus, Denmark has been awarded the title of European Volunteering Capital 2018.

"A new beginning" 3-5 December 2018.

Find the programme of the

#EVCapital 2018 final conference here.

More about Aarhus European

Volunteering Capital 2018 here.







Aarhus was chosen as the European Volunteering Capital 2018 due to the development of “the ‘Strategy on Active Citizenship’ that involves clear and appropriate funding mechanisms for volunteer-involving organisations, even the very smallest ones, using participatory budgeting for this.


"The robust approach to the measurement of impact and support shown for other research in order to inform evidence-based policy for volunteering is praised. In addition, the jury concluded that the way in which volunteering policy is linked to policies and strategies for employability, health and social inclusion shows an excellent example to others. It was highlighted that for the future, more emphasis and attention could be given to recognition processes for volunteers and also on raising awareness of the rights and responsibilities of volunteers.” concluded the jury.

Their year as European Volunteering Capital 2018  emphasised:

The four tracks



Organisations and movements are a significant part of the foundation that has formed Denmark and the Danish voluntary culture – and thereby Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.



Regardless of age, ethnicity, background, employment, social conditions etc. everyone must be represented in Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.


Social Inclusion

Among volunteers there is a lack of representation from the so-called socially disadvantaged citizens. But despite of the challenges that this group is facing they have many resources to offer - and they wish to include these resources in Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.



They strive to increase and improve the cooperation between citizens and the municipality to make it easier to volunteer and create content to Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.

Opening Event and Conferences


21 of January 2018: The opening event of Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018


22 and 23 of January: International conference about culture volunteering. Hosted by Aarhus Culture Capital 2017 in cooperation with Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018

To know more about the conference click here. 

Aarhus has as main goals to make volunteering easy, fun and accessible to everybody, by finding new ways to welfare and celebrating volunteering. This will be done through their heritage, diversity, social inclusion and cooperation.

Download the press release here.

To see the presentation from Aarhus in the Autumn Volunteering Congress 2017 click here



The European Volunteering Capital 2018 was chosen between one of the two candidate municipalities from Denmark: Aarhus and Ringkøbing-Skjern. The ceremony awarding the candidacy certificates took place at the Permanent Representation of Denmark to the European Union in Brussels on 14 July 2016.



CEV launched the fifth edition of the European Volunteering Capital competition and called for applications from municipalities of any size that support the implementation of PAVE -The Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe.

Who was the jury?

Cristina Rigman - CEV President
Silvia Costa - Member of the European Parliament
Gonçalo Lobo Xavier - European Economic and Social Committee
Laura Brown - London European Volunteering Capital 2016
Karin Lopatta-Loibl - European Commission
Kieran McCarthy - Committee of the Regions
Mary-Ann Hennessey - Council of Europe
Joaquin Durany - Employee Volunteering European Network EVEN (La Caixa)

The deadline for applications was on 30 June 2016.

The information provided in the application form counted as 70% of the final score allocated to each candidate. 30% of the score was allocated based on the presentation of the candidature during the Candidates Reception organised by CEV and London European Volunteering Capital 2016 on 13 October 2016 in Brussels (BE).

The awarded municipality was chosen from the candidates by an international jury of key personalities connected with volunteering, representing civil society, the private, for-profit sector, as well as the EU institutions. The judging criteria are the recommendations in the Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe (PAVE).

The winning municipality was announced on the 5 December 2016, the International Volunteer Day, at a ceremony hosted by CEV and the current #EVCapital, London.

The winners from the previous editions are Sligo 2017 European Volunteering Capital, London 2016 European Volunteering Capital, Lisbon 2015 European Volunteering Capital and Barcelona 2014 European Volunteering Capital.

EV capital 2018

EV capital 2018

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