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London, European Volunteering Capital 2016

Strengthening, Inspiring & Celebrating Volunteering and Solidarity in Europe since 2013


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Two new annual events were launched in EVC 2016 LONDON: ‘Run to do Good & The Big Recruit’ are events that encourage cross sector working between businesses in London and the volunteering sector, and an event that supports the network of 28 volunteer centres across the City to mobilise increased numbers of volunteers.



European dimension to their work: Improved connections with European counterparts and working regularly with CEV and other winning cities eg. collaboration on December 2016 European volunteering conference and "Developing European Volunteering Strategies (DEVS)” conference 6 & 7 April 2017 Leverage, recognition and engagement: Existing regular events such as the Volunteer Awards and Speed Networking events were used to spread the message about the title and volunteers became aware what they have achieved with this prestigious accolade.


Volunteer organisations have been able to use the title to leverage more success for impact, volunteer recruitment and retention, visibility and fundraising and even more business employees have been encourage to volunteer. Sharing of best practice: Four of Team London’s most successful volunteering programmes were developed into 'Blueprints’ that are now freely available for volunteering stakeholders across Europe.

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