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Study visits

Since 2009, CEV has implemented a project in order to provide the staff members and volunteers of CEV member organisations with the opportunity to visit the CEV Office in Brussels for one week.

The objective of this “Study Visit” project is to allow the participants to get a deeper understanding of CEV’s work and methodology in promoting volunteering in Europe, to allow exchanges of best practices and experience among the participants, and to give them an overview of the procedures and functioning of the different European Institutions and funding programmes that are relevant to their work.
The study visit weeks are structured around various activities including presentations and workshops at the CEV premises on different topics; visits to European Institutions; meetings with the Parliament Representatives (MEPs) from the countries of the participants as well as with their regional representatives; and a visit to a local volunteer project.
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Seven editions of the job shadowing project have been organised so far.

Find out more about each edition on the following links:

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