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May 2011


The 3rd edition of the CEV job-shadowing project took place on 23-27 May 2011. Seven participants from the CEV network came from UK, Romania, Spain, Italy and France. As in the previous years, the main importance of the event laid in the possibility to meet colleagues from within the CEV network, to discuss possible common projects and to learn about the CEV’s involvement and advocacy towards the EU institutions.

In addition, participants had several opportunities to meet their regional and national representatives to the EU and Members of the European Parliament from their countries with whom they discussed involvement in national and local issues related to volunteering.

Moreover, participants took part in the opening session of the 2nd thematic conference of the European year of Volunteering 2011, visited the European Parliament, learned about practicalities of the different funding opportunities for voluntary activities and were introduced to local project – the Brussels Volunteer Centre Het Punt.

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