Employee Volunteering European Network

The Employee Volunteering European Network (EVEN) was established by the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) in 2013. EVEN aims to increase the number of employers and volunteer-involving organisations with the capacity and willingness to implement good quality employee volunteering and give greater visibility to these initiatives.


Capacity building events both online and face-to-face and dedicated publications aim to increase competencies and knowledge about Employee Volunteering. EVEN and CEV events also give members the opportunity to share experiences and have access to reliable and competent partners for employee volunteering projects.

Benefits of Employee Volunteering European Network Membership:

  • Increase capacity and willingness to implement good quality employee volunteering.

  • Increase competencies in employee volunteering by participating in EVEN training courses.

  • Gain recognition and credibility for the implementation of good quality employee volunteering projects.

  • Have access to reliable and competent partners for employee volunteering & share experiences and new developments on a regular basis.


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