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EVCapital 2022 Competition

Strengthening, Inspiring & Celebrating Volunteering and Solidarity in Europe since 2013

News from Gdansk EVCapital 2022

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Feedback from the EV Capital 2022 Jury

EV Capital 2022 Candidates videos!

EV Capital 2022 Candidates announcement!

CEV Director, Gabriella Civico has presented the Candidate Certificates to representatives of the EV Capital 2022 Candidate Cities.

16 July the #Gdansk #EVCapital2022 Candidate Certificate was presented to Pawel Rygalski, Communication Officer in the Pomorskie Regional EU Office.

28 July the Madrid #EVCapital2022 Candidate Certificate was presented to Alfredo Sanchez, Director of the Office of the #Madrid Region's Brussels Office in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

5th August 5th the #Gorizia #EVCapital2022 Candidate Certificate was presented to Luisa Poclen, officer at the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional EU Office.

Know about #EVCapital 2022

#EVCapital 2022 new call

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Set up to:

Recognise and reward municipalities that support volunteers and volunteering in their communities.

Serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for all municipalities across Europe to make even greater efforts to promote and celebrate volunteering.

The story so far...


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# Will your municipality be the next EVCapital 2022? 

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