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Beyond Barriers

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Rruga Don Bosko,

Pallati Gener 2, K 6 ap 47,



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General Information 

Beyond Barriers Association (BBA) is a non-profit, civil society organisation, established in June 2004. We work with young people in national, regional and European levels, by fostering empowerment through non-formal education. Our mission is promoting inclusion, equal chances and better quality of life for all young people and supporting the foundations of building a better society for the present and the future generations.

Target group: young people in general, with a special focus on young people with fewer opportunities such as youngsters from rural areas, youngsters from minorities, youngsters with disability, youngsters who face social and economic problems.

These are the 7 strategic programs of BBA for the period 2020-2027, as set in the strategic development of the organisation:

  1. Human Rights Education - Inform, educate and raise awareness about rights among youth and adults through various pedagogical approaches.

  2. Inclusion and Diversity - Promote inclusion and diversity to advance and build equality and equity of all marginalised groups.

  3. Youth Work - Development, promotion and recognition of qualitative youth work in Albania though exchanging experiences and learning from the best European youth practices and practitioners.

  4. Volunteering - Promotion of volunteering at national, regional and European level, as a tool for increasing solidarity and community cohesion, through supporting better policy development and volunteer management structures.

  5. Employability and Entrepreneurship - Increasing the competencies of young people and youth workers in employability and entrepreneurship through capacity building, research, policy advocacy and development.

  6. Digitalisation and Innovation- Creating an enabling environment for new digital and innovative educational approaches to boost online learning and creativity in education.

  7. Youth participation and active citizenship - Boosting and empowering youth to actively participate in community life through skills improvement and promotion of the 4 dimensions of citizenship.

BBA is one of Albania’s largest and most active youth organisations (over 18 years of continuous
activity), especially in the fields of inclusion, employment, volunteering, youth skills development, human rights education and youth participation.

BBA is the Contact Point of Erasmus +YiA since 2011 and European Solidarity Corps programmes of the European Commission, for Albania. 

BBA organises trainings, youth exchanges, partnership building activities, seminars, ESC projects in European and local level.

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