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CASES - Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social

Contact information

Rua Américo Durão, n.º 12-A,
Olaias, 1900-064 Lisbon
Tel: +351 213 878 046/7
Email: cases[at]


General information

Based on an effective partnership between the State and organizations representing the social economy sector and assuming the legal form of “public interest cooperative”, CASES aims to promote the strengthening of the social economy sector, deepening cooperation between the State and the organizations, as well as the pursuit of policies in the area of ​​volunteering.

The main lines that define the mission of the Cooperative António Sérgio for the Social Economy (CASES): recognizing, promoting, streamlining, strengthening and qualifying the social economy sector.


CASES is, therefore, a space for dialogue, where different actors cooperate that strive to make the social economy a cohesive and recognized sector in Portugal, contributing to a more just and solidary world.

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