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Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato (CNV) 

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Contact information

Via A. Catalani, 158
55100 Lucca (Lu)
C.P. 73
Tel: +39 0583 419 500
Fax: +39 0583 419 501
Email: cnv[at]


General information


The Centro Nazionale per il Voluntariato was founded in October 1984 as a joint initiative of public institutions and associations of volunteers, in order to meet the demand of those who operate in the voluntary service sector.

The main aims of the centre are:

*To establish an effective link between public authorities and the initiatives promoted by those who operate in the voluntary service sector
*To circulate information about voluntary services
*To promote initiatives among those who work in voluntary service
*To establish initiatives themselves
*To promote and publish research and books of particular value
*To carry out formative activities and innovative plans on social and cultural issues
*To advise on fiscal, legal and administrative issues.

The Centro Nazionale per il Voluntariato produces a monthly publication, Voluntariato Oggi, and maintains a library of information on voluntary services. It holds national meetings about voluntary activities every two years and annual meetings on Italian legislation concerning the voluntary service, provides courses and seminars for volunteers, engages in research work on the voluntary sector and promotes and publishes significant working documents on volunteerism.

The Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato has 584 partners in Italy, subdivided into 9 categories: the social and health field, health field, international voluntary service, civil protection, environmental goods, the social field, cultural goods, Public Institutions and varied partners.

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