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2021 is the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the European Year of Volunteering 2011. 

To continue to consolidate the volunteering ecosystem in Europe, CEV has launched this podcast channel to open up the conversation to volunteering experts and key stakeholders at EU level.  

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February 2021 - In this episode, we discuss why we need to talk about volunteering at European level, with special guest, CEV President, Lejla Šehić Relić.

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March 2021 - In this episode we hear from George Thomson, CEV Board Member and CEO of Volunteer Scotland for 19 years. A volunteer himself for many more years, George shares his thoughts on how volunteering has changed, how we should assess the value it brings to our communities and how we can celebrate it and speak about it in dedicated events, as well as how to share our policy and practice at European level to enable volunteering to happen at its highest potential. 

Resources recommended by George Thomson in this episode: 

April 2021 - This episode's guests are Andras F Toth from OKA, Hungary and Monique de Bree, from NOV, the Netherlands. Listen to our guests as they present their national volunteering programs in 2021. Hear how they leveraged the European Year of Volunteering 2011 legacy into increasing visibility, support and engagement for their national volunteering ecosystems. Andras and Monique also share their advice on how to organise a national program in your country and what resources they can share with all those looking to launch a national volunteering program in 2021.

April 2021 - In this episode, we hear from guests from European Volunteering Capital 2020, Padova (Ilaria Ferraro) and European Volunteering Capital 2021, Berlin (Katharina Foerster) about what the title meant for their community and municipality. 
The two guests share their experience collaborating with the European Volunteering Capital Candidates Community (EVCCC) as they prepared for their tenure and speak about the challenges and opportunities of holding this title in the middle of a global pandemic. 
As we prepare to receive applications for the European Volunteering Capital 2023 title, this episode paints a vivid picture of what this title brings to the volunteering ecosystem at local, national and regional level for both candidates and winners.