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General Information 

Volies Asociación, formerly known as Association Pasos Solidarios, is a volunteer organisation with extensive experience in the social sector in Spain. We are dealing with the promotion of volunteering since 2012, registered in the national registry of associations, that promotes volunteering and from which we get involved in projects that are the result of collaboration and dialogue between people and organisations of different languages, latitudes, cultures and customs, but with which we share the project of a social, diverse, inclusive, supportive, united and innovative Europe.


Our mission is:

The promotion of Volunteering in order to transform society.


With several focus:

  • Volunteering promoted by companies

  • Youth volunteering

  • Disability


In the last years, we have been developing programs focused on improving the employability of vulnerable groups linked to corporate volunteering. We capitalise on the fact that the volunteers we collaborate with possess knowledge, experience, and direct contact with the business world to enhance the employment opportunities of the groups we work with, particularly young people.


1. Youth volunteering

In this vein, with the support of corporate volunteers, we have conducted various types of training sessions, workshops, speed dating events, professional orientation workshops, digital skills workshops, workshops on climate change.


And the “SDGs in Schools” programme, where volunteers have educated primary school children about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These programs have been carried out with volunteers from companies such as Coca-Cola, Telefónica, Repsol, L’Oréal, or Amadeus. These volunteering initiatives have been carried out both in Spain and Portugal, where since 2019, We have also been promoting volunteering and carrying out social actions.


2. Disability Unemployment

The unemployment rates for people with disabilities are particularly high, making it essential for all of us to get involved in reducing them. Through the association, we have worked on awareness workshops, such as sign language workshops and even organised an entrepreneurship competition for people with disabilities called "Ventures for Inclusion”.

Ventures4Inclusion is a business launching platform for individuals with disabilities and organisations dedicated to their development. Driven by our association and with the support of Indra, it aims to foster technology-driven projects led by them. Volunteers from Indra have been instrumental across the programme’s three phases, contributing expertise and support. From Sep. 2021 to Feb. 2022: 21 entities and 8 entrepreneurs participated with 50 Indra volunteers engaged.

Finalists received training and guidance in key areas. Ventures4Inclusion aims to be a beacon of innovation that enhances employability for this group. The first edition took place entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating that inclusion and entrepreneurial spirit can thrive under challenging circumstances.


3. Volunteer in prisons

Since our inception, working with volunteers in prisons has been one of our hallmarks. This is a group that requires special attention, and thanks to our volunteers, significant work is carried out. To highlight this in the last year, we conducted a skills development workshop in social skills at Alicante prison, with invaluable assistance from the Volunteers.


Work Together

We believe that networking is a priority to achieve our goals, since it provides us with great opportunities to generate synergies between the different agents that drive social change (companies, NGOs, public sector,...) in different areas (local, national, European and international). Being part of them gives us the opportunity to continue learning in order to provide more value in all that we propose.


We belong to various global networks such as IAVE,  Points of Lights,  and Volonteurope, in fact, Juan Angel Poyatos is a member of the Board of Directors.


International projects

At Volies we remain receptive to trends that contribute to real social change beyond our borders. We broaden our horizons towards Europe and collaborate with benchmark organisations from which we learn and to which we contribute our expertise. We are an active part of leading global volunteer networks, which allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and apply them to our projects. We adapt to diverse realities and needs, providing global support to our clients.

Through the Volies Association, we promote collaborative projects involving individuals and organisations from diverse cultures in Europe. Our goal is to create a social, inclusive, and supportive Europe.


Some of our notable international projects include:

- United for Youth: In collaboration with organisations from the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Ukraine, we promote corporate volunteering among young people. Our aim is to develop skills, address youth unemployment, and retain talent in companies. Outcome: manual titled “Corporate Volunteering: Positive Impact on Youth, Communities, Companies, and Employees”;

- Action for a Solidarity Europe (A4EUS): We collaborate in organising 14 online seminars to analyse EU migration policies and public attitudes in countries facing migration challenges. We highlight the analysis of migration in Spain and the promotion of inclusive best practices;

- ResiliEurope: Citizens, Islands, Territories, and Resilience: Through ResiliEurope, we promote intercultural dialogue and citizen participation in Europe. We strive for a resilient and European vision, addressing issues of nationalism and fostering understanding among different regions;

- 4INCLUDE: In collaboration with partners from various countries, we work to raise awareness about EU values through innovative tools. Our focus aligns with the priorities of the 2019-2024 Commission, including the European Green Deal and enhancing European democracy.


At Volies, we are committed to driving positive change in Europe through our collaboration and participation in international projects that foster solidarity, innovation, and intercultural dialogue.

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