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Centro Servizi Volontariato Trentino

Full member
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Via Lunelli, 4

38121 - Trento


Tel. 0461.916604




General information

Since 2002, the main objective of CSV Trentino has been to be a daily point of reference for the local volunteering community and organisations that need support. In fact, CSV provides services in favour of volunteers in all third-sector entities and, in particular, voluntary organisations. Furthermore, it stands as a strategic player in community development, promoting the participation of individuals, facilitating relationships and networking between the various public and private entities operating in the area, stimulating social innovation, and enhancing the processes of horizontal subsidiaries. On the basis of the areas of activity defined by law and the objectives defined in the program strategy, CSV Trentino provides services and implements initiatives in the Trentino area, such as training, qualified consultancies, project management, events to promote volunteering, etc. 

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