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a/k 191
Riga 10

Tel: +371 26010761
Email: brivpratigais[at]


General information

The organisation “” (in English “”) is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2006, and which strives for the promotion of voluntary work in Latvia. is working to promote and increase the involvement of citizens in voluntary work, as well as to help voluntary organisations to find and manage volunteers, and to improve dialogue between different stakeholders (volunteers, the state, municipal institutions, associations/NGOs). To achieve these goals, carries out the following activities:

Training – for volunteers, potential volunteers and voluntary organisations

Consultancy and lobbying – consultations are provided both for volunteers and institutions (government, local government, NGOs, etc.) on issues related to volunteering. also participates in different working groups and councils, including at the state level, to discuss the legal issues relating to voluntary work, and to lobby for its promotion and recognition

Information/networking – the first and by now the only comprehensive online database in Latvia has been created and developed providing a significant tool for the promotion and facilitation of volunteering activities and projects in Latvia. It provides possibilities to communicate, and to connect volunteers, organisations looking for volunteers and other concerned parties

Research/publications – has published different documents on volunteering-related matters.

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