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Conselho Nacional para a Promoção do Voluntariado (CNPV)

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Contact information

Av. Marquês de Tomar, n.º 21, 7.º andar
1050-153 Lisbon
Tel: +351 21 792 62 18/20/24
Fax: +351 21 792 6397
Email: CNPV[at]


General information

CNPV, which was established in 2000 and started its activity in 2001, is responsible for the promotion, qualification, study and organisation of volunteering in Portugal.

CNPV undertakes a range of activities, including:

*Keeping volunteering high on the policy agenda and working with the government to promote it
*Disseminating general information to volunteers, local /national organisations of volunteers and citizens
*Organising meetings, colloquies, conferences and specific debates on volunteering
*Organising special sessions to celebrate the International Day of Volunteers (IVD), each 5th December
*Preparing several studies and inquiries about volunteering throughout 2006 and 2007
*Issuing, at a national level, a Volunteer Identification Card. This started in December 2006
*Upkeeping an internet site about volunteering – (contains useful information on legislation, an agenda of main events, how to become a volunteer, national and international websites, volunteer testimonies, and examples of good practice amongst other things). This site was launched in March 2005
*Organising sessions of “training for trainers” about volunteering all over the country, based on a trainer’s handbook on volunteering. These sessions have been organised in 12 of the 20 regions of Portugal
*Publishing a bulletin, every three months, called ” Voluntariado, hoje” containing relevant information about volunteering
*Offering technical support to “Local Volunteer Centres” – the meeting points of people who wish to volunteer and organisations that want to recruit volunteers. There are 36 Local Volunteer Centres throughout the country and 16 are in a phase of implementation.
*Permanently constructing a database of local/ national volunteering organisations in Portugal that is accessible through the website.

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