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Fundación Hazloposible

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Contact information


Calle Molina 47

28029 Madrid


+ 34 91 553 78 09


General information

Hazloposible is an organisation that works in innovative ways to boost participation from society in good causes using technology.

Wer are the bridge that joins good intentions that change the world.

At Hazloposible we develop projects that channel capacity, talent, time and the hope of thousands of people to NGO's that need collaboration to support their causes.

Since 1999 we've been creating online platforms that allow people and companies to collaborate on social causes that generate a positive social impact.

Our programs:


  • - Chances to volunteer and work in NGO’s. Through our website people can choose the way of volunteering that best fits their lifestyle or find a job in the third sector that best fits their profile.

  • - Online advice for NGO’s from professional volunteers. allows NGO’s to resolve all kinds of questions (financial, legal, communication, fundraising, accounting, project management …) thanks to the help of professional volunteers who collaborate on our platform. In the last year we’ve managed to answer over 1,266 enquiries from NGO’s, who needed help from our platform.

  • - Technological crowdsourcing: Software developers and social entrepreneurs collaborate to resolve technological needs with social goals. is a platform where software developers, designers and programmers collaborate on projects for different social organisations and help them with technological challenges.

  • - Free legal advice for NGO’s. is a platform created to channel pro bono legal advice to NGO’s and their beneficiaries. Pro bono is the work that a professional carries out for free for individuals or entities that are not for profit, who need help. If the services rendered are legal and done by lawyers, it is called pro bono legal.

  • - Crowdsourcing for good causes: A platform where small donations can be made to projects for good causes. is a platform where small donations can be made to different NGO’s, which have a positive impact for numerous people. What’s more this platform allows anyone to publish their good cause challenges on behalf of the NGO they want to collect funds for. This way people interested in supporting a good cause can publish it on, spread it to people they know and collect funds for NGO’s that need support and finance.

  • “Talento que impacta (Corpporate Volunteering Program). We help companies to develop corporate volunteering and social innovation programs maximising the value proposals for the company employees and the community. We work with companies to improve quality and the impact of their Corporate volunteering programs.

  • Consultancy and social innovation in companies. We support companies from the area of consultancy and social innovation in companies, with an innovative model that is aimed at generating better value for the company, the volunteers and the community, through a more strategic design, in line with the company’s aims, the employees’ motivation and the needs and interests of the beneficiaries.




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