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Fondazione Volontariato e Partecipazione

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Contact information

Via Catalani 158, 55100, Lucca
Tel. +39 0583 587645
Fax +39 0583 312748

Email: info[at]

General information

The Volunteering and Participation Foundation is an independent think-tank which provides rigorous original and accessible analysis of the current trends and context in volunteering and social participation in Italy, offering critical perspectives and guidelines for more aware actions.




The Volunteering and Participation Foundation promotes, designs and conducts research at the local, regional, national and European levels for civil society organisations and institutions. Free of ideological constraints, theoretically rigorous in its assumptions and methodologies, the research activities of Volunteering and Participation Foundation want to feed a mature reflection on society aiming to produce small or large social innovations.




The Volunteering and Participation Foundation research topics focus on social participation, Volunteering, the Commons, Welfare and Youth public policy. Since 2011, FVP leads a periodical statistic survey program about Italian Voluntary Organizations. 2014 edition suggested as research issues, some of P.A.V.E. (Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe) recommendations. In concert with Istat and CSVnet, FVP launched the Volunteering Economical and Social Work Value Measurement Program, being the first in Italy to adopt the ILO method for the measurement of volunteer work.




The Volunteering and Participation Foundation was established in 2008, with an original idea of Maria Eletta Martini, by several organisations including: the National Centre for Volunteering,, Ce.S.Vo.T., Fondazione Cassa of Lucca, Lucca Province.

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