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Croatian Volunteer Development Centre

Full Member

Contact information

Croatian Volunteer Development Centre

Stjepana Radica 16, Osijek - Croatia


t: +385 1 56 12 434

m: +385 91 468 29 42


General information

The Croatian Volunteer Development Centre is a network of volunteer centers in Croatia established as a non-formal organization in 2008 and reached its formal status in 2015 when it was registered as a non-profit organization in Croatia.CVCN is an organization based on membership -members can be local and regional volunteer centers in Croatia. cooperates with different national and international stakeholders, including civil society organizations, public institutions and bodies, business organizations and media.

It aims to contribute to building an open, democratic and vibrant society based on active participation of its citizens. The primary mission of is to lead the development and support the strengthening of resources for the affirmation of volunteering in Croatia. The Croatian Volunteer Development Centre contributes to the development of volunteering in Croatia by promoting and advocating the value of volunteering, influencing public policies and legal environment, promoting and establishing educational standards in the area of volunteering and volunteer management, by informing and ensuring quality standards of volunteer centers’ services, by developing quality standards for volunteer programs, and by initiating and promoting innovative policies in the development of volunteering.

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