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CSV Marche

Full member
Contact information
Via Alberto Trionfi 2 60127 Ancona Italy
Tel: +39 071 2814126
Fax: +39 071 2814134
Email: segreteria[at]

General information


The “Centro di Servizio per il volontariato delle Marche” is an operative structure created with the purpose of giving free services to voluntary associations. Its principle aim is to give support to Volunteer associations, helping them to develop and qualify their activities. The “Centro di Servizio per il volontariato delle Marche”, founded in 1997 and fully operational from 1999, is run by the “Associazione Volontariato Marche” (a regional centre whose members currently are 346 volunteer associations from all over the region) and by five self-governing structures. Operationally speaking, the CSV of Marche, with a regional headquarters and provincial offices, is driven by its employees and professional freelancers. Our activity is financed by a special banking fund that gives us, yearly, 1/15 of the banking foundation’s profit. The correct destination and use of this income is controlled by the “Comitato di Gestione Regionale”.


Our Activities


The services that we offer are totally free of charge for all regional volunteer centres (about 1450) and for all citizens that want to get in touch with the voluntary sphere. CSV is actively engaged in the following services:

*Basic equipment: fax machine, telephone, photocopier, and computers are available as well as a video recorder, TV projector and all items voluntary associations need in order to accomplish their activities

*Training: workshops aimed at providing in-depth analysis of issues relevant to voluntary associations

*Consulting: professional advice is available on a number of topics

*Planning: information and support to help realize projects undertaken by voluntary associations

*Information: web site and two-monthly magazines provide social information

*Records and documents: all documents regarding voluntary associations are on hand

*Research: analysis and research in the voluntary field are carried out and promoted




We also hold meetings about voluntary activities and on Italian legislation concerning voluntary service, provide courses and seminars for volunteers, engage in research work on the voluntary sector and promote and publish significant working documents on volunteerism.

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