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Coordinamento Regionale dei Centri di Servizio per il Volontariato della Lombardia

Full member
Contact information

Piazza Castello, 3
20121 Milan

Tel: +39 02 454 75 861
Fax: +39 02 454 75 458
Email: segreteria[at]


General information

The Regional Coordination body of Voluntary Service Centres (CSV) in Lombardy was founded in 2001, aimed at managing all common initiatives and carrying out its institutional advocacy role.

The main purpose of the Coordination body is to contribute toward the achievement of CSV’s institutional goals in Lombardy, while acknowledging their autonomy.

Strategic aims:

*Increase collaboration and sharing of experiences and knowledge among Voluntary Service Centres in Lombardy
*Support the relationship locally, nationally and internationally with NGOs, agencies, institutions and other bodies involved in volunteering
*Promote and carry on common initiatives and projects to improve and strengthen the Centres and volunteering and community involvement
*Provide publications, information and web-based services.

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