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Centro Servizio Volontariato di Padova e Rovigo

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Contact information

Via Giovanni Gradenigo, 10
35131 Padova (PD) Italy
Tel. +39 049 8686849
Tel. +39 049 8689273

Email: info[at] ; csvpadovarovigo[at]

General information

The CSV of Padua and Rovigo is above all a place of meeting, exchange and relations between volunteers, bodies, institutions and different organizations.

Its mission is to create and facilitate networks, ideas, knowledge, projects for social innovation and for the development of solidarity in the provinces of Padua and Rovigo. These objectives are achieved by providing promotion, communication, consulting, training, logistical support to voluntary organizations and volunteers of other institutions of the Third Sector, and by orienting and accompanying citizens, in particular the youngest, in approaches to the world of volunteering and active citizenship.

The CSV is proposed as a strategic subject in the relationship between associations and other actors, public and private, of the territory to promote co-planning and joint response to the needs of the territory.

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