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Sardegna Solidale

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Contact information

Via Cavalcanti, 13
09128 Cagliari

Tel: +39 070 345 069
Email: csvsardegna[at]



General information

The Volunteer Support Centre Sardegna Solidale was founded in the framework of Article 15 of the Law on Volunteering 266/1991. It has the following objectives: to support volunteer activities implemented by voluntary organisations present and active in Sardinia; and to activate services for volunteers, promoting the development of appropriate organisational, cultural and social promotion initiatives to improve the culture of solidarity.

To this aim Sardegna Solidale promotes, through a comprehensive system of services for voluntary organisations, resources that have been developed by various associations, connecting in a coherent way the resources already available with services and activities carried out by voluntary agencies.

CSV Sardegna Solidale offers many services that can be grouped into nine areas:

  1. Advice and assistance

  2. Research, studies and documentation

  3. Communication

  4. Training

  5. Logistics and liaison

  6. Promoting volunteering and the culture of solidarity

  7. Civic service

  8. Social planning

  9. An associative network


The activities of Sardegna Solidale cover themes such as social assistance, promotion of cultural and civil rights, protection of the environment and civil protection.

The President of Sardegna Solidale is Prof. Gian Piero Farru; the Director is Dr. Giuseppe Cosseddu; and the Coordinator is Dr. Nanda Sedda. Sardegna Solidale has a daily updated web portal (, in which all voluntary associations and citizens can find news and information on volunteering and on the solidarity initiatives in Sardinia.

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