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France Bénévolat

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Contact information

127 rue Falguière, Hall B1
75015 Paris

Tel: +33 1 40 61 01 61
Fax: +33 1 45 67 99 75
Email: contact[at]


General information

France Bénévolat (registered in France under the legal status of “Association Loi 1901″) was founded in 2003 by merging the activities of two older entities, Centre National du Volontariat and Planète Solidarité. Today, nearly all major national non-profit networks are partners of France Bénévolat. Its president is Dominique Thierry. France Bénévolat is the most important network in France welcoming and orientating potential volunteers.



Its main mission is the promotion of volunteering.


This aim is carried out by:

*maintaining regular contact with stakeholders from the non-profit sector
*building up efficient communication for potential volunteers
*offering a mediation service either by linking potential volunteers with associations needing their help through *a website or by interviewing potential volunteers in one of their 230 offices throughout the country and investigating with them their motivations and skills.
France Benevolat has developed other activities and competences, such as:
*undertaking studies on the non-profit sector at home and abroad
*counselling associations (helping clarify their needs, raise their awareness-level)
*building partnerships with different institutions whose activities concern volunteer target groups (e.g. Pension Scheme Funds, National Employment Agency (ANPE), Universities and Schools of higher education)
France Bénévolat represents France at the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and at the Centre Européen du Volontariat (CEV).
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