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HESTIA – Centrum pro dobrovolnictví

Contact information

National Volunteer Center, Methodological and Educational Center

Na Poříčí 1041/12 
(palace YMCA) 
11000 Praha 1

t: 224 872 075 
m: 724 775 853 


General information


The mission of HESTIA - Volunteer Center is to disseminate and develop the idea of ​​volunteering, to ensure that volunteering is accessible to all, and to bring together humanity and professionalism. Through long-term cooperation with volunteers, organizations and businesses, we want to contribute to the development of civil society. Based on our experience, we implement our own mentoring programs in which volunteers provide effective support to children whose development is threatened by adverse influences.

Our values

  • long-term cooperation

  • valuation of volunteer activity

  • sensitivity, respectability, and social responsibility

  • human personality development and community action

  • development of civil society


We strive not only for cooperation between the state, public, nonprofit and commercial sectors, but above all about cooperation between people seeking the same goal.


The main activities of the Institute are:

- supporting volunteering and community partnerships of citizens, public administration and other legal and natural persons,

- implementation of own volunteer programs and projects,

- education including supervision under projects and programs supported by subsidies, donations and contributions,

- research and publication of methodologies and publications in the field of helping professions in the framework of projects and programs supported by grants, donations and contributions,

- supporting a network of volunteer centers and programs in the regions,

- international cooperation of volunteer programs and centers,

- coordination, promotion and promotion of volunteering in all areas, particularly in the social, health, cultural, sporting, environmental, educational and educational fields, in the field of working with the family and working with children and young people in their free time. 


Secondary activities of the Institute:

- manufacture, trade and services not listed in appendices 1 to 3 of the Trade Licensing Act.

Within this trade, the Institute mainly performs the following activities:

- organizing courses, lecturing and supervision outside of your own volunteer programs and projects,

- advice to natural and legal persons, notably non-profit organizations and organizations working with volunteers,

- promoting corporate volunteering within the corporate social responsibility concept,

- mediation of the insurance of volunteers and other publicly beneficial activities as part of the activity of a subordinate insured person

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