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MasterPeace Ro Association

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General Information 

MasterPeace Ro Association, since its inception in January 2016, has been steadfast in its mission to foster peaceful relationships among individuals of all ages and cultures, from personal to global levels, through education, research, and actionable initiatives. Their objectives are centred around providing a robust platform for educational, community, and international engagements, fostering partnerships with like-minded entities, and offering practical tools for peaceful living, including conflict resolution and violence prevention techniques.


Their journey, beginning in early August 2015 with the establishment of the MasterPeace Romania Club, part of the global MasterPeace International network, has been marked by significant milestones. From engaging youth in peace-building workshops to implementing the School of Peace in numerous schools across Romania, their efforts have been geared towards creating a more peaceful, informed, and active citizenry.


Their initiatives, such as the Financial Workshop in Prahova county schools, the Peace Walk in Ploiești, and the Empowering Women events, reflect their commitment to addressing societal challenges through education, empowerment, and advocacy. Furthermore, their collaboration with international organisations like HWPL, IPYG, and participation in global events like the UN Global Compact and MUN conferences underscore their dedication to global peace and humanitarian efforts.


They remain committed to their founding principles and look forward to contributing to their shared goals in the coming years. They are eager to continue their collaborative efforts towards a more peaceful world.

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