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Marche a Rifiuti Zero (MRZ)

Full member
Contact information

Borgo Garibaldi, 49
63072 Castignano AP, Italy

Tel: +39 340 9784223


General information

The Marche a Rifiuti Zero (MRZ) association was established in 2015 through the efforts of a group of volunteers dedicated to environmental protection activities. The association is affiliated with the Zero Waste Europe Network, which promotes cultural, educational, and social initiatives at the European level to raise environmental awareness and foster sustainable development.


The association is committed to civic goals, solidarity, and social utility, focusing on environmental protection against pollutants and health risks. Additionally, it aims to promote and disseminate the principles of sustainable development, encourage the use of renewable sources, and advocate for the recovery and recycling of used goods. The association actively supports the implementation and achievement of the Zero Waste Strategy.

Main Activities

The association engages in environmental education within schools, integrating themes such as sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda, climate change and justice, green building, pollution, and daily practices to mitigate the impact of human activities on the environment. Their educational efforts also extend to biodiversity conservation, threatened species, water conservation, and include aspects of environmental education, civic education, and volunteering promotion.
Other activities include environmental awareness initiatives, seminars, environmental awards, and collaborative projects with local authorities to reduce packaging in commercial establishments, offices, hotels, and both profit and nonprofit activities. The first instance of such a project was initiated in 2018 by the Municipality of Cupra Marittima under the name "Cupra per l'ambiente - ABC di Grottammare e San Benedetto del Tronto." This project received the "Premio Comuni Virtuosi 2023" award.

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