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Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations (NENO)

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Vabaühenduste Liit
Reg-nr 80005069
Telliskivi 60a, A3, III korrus, Kalamaja


Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, NENO (or Vabaühenduste Liit in Estonian) is the single and largest Estonian organization uniting public benefit nonprofit organizations.
NENO is an advocacy organization focusing on a sustainable civic space and additionally to that we also focus on capacity building and civic awareness.

Established in 1991 as the Estonian Foundation Center, we opened our membership to associations in 1994 and have since transformed ourselves from a mere service provider into one of Estonia’s largest civic initiative organizations.

NENO is a membership organization created for the implementation and protection of the common interest of Estonian public benefit nonprofits. NENO currently (January 2016) unites 107 active and operational public benefit nonprofit organizations in Estonia from all fields, both associations and foundations. At the same time, our information network involves approx. 4000 organizations.
NENO’s mission is to give voice to and advocate on behalf of Estonian public benefit organizations and its work is dedicated to the development and promotion of civic action and civil society in Estonia.

NENO’s goals are to foster development trends and provide support services to Estonian nonprofits, increase public awareness, advocate for the interests of its members and other public benefit NGOs, and improve working relationships with the public and business sectors. Therefore we implement activities to strengthen the role and identity of the nonprofit sector as a whole.

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