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Plataforma Andaluza de Voluntariado (PAV)

Associate member

Contact information

Sevilla's Office
Avda. Esperanza de Triana nº 33 41010 Sevilla (Spain)
Málaga's Office
C/ Corregidor Francisco de Molina nº 1 29006 Málaga (Spain)

952 60 12 91


General information


The Plataforma Andaluza de Voluntariado, PAV (The Andalusian platform of volunteering) is a non profit, non-denominational and apolitical NGO (non-governmental organization). The PAV is composed of different networks of volunteering all over Andalusia (region in South Spain). More than one hundred associations and entities of different fields make up these networks.

The PAV is an organization with its own legal entity. Its main aim is to consolidate a system of coordinating and promoting volunteering among the different associations and entities, the civil service and the citizens in Andalusia.

Nowadays the PAV is composed of eight subregional platforms and networks and is present in every subregion of Andalusia.


Coordination. Creation of a communication infrastructure among different networks. Improvement of the created platform for associations that make it up. Development of common project and activities. Cooperation with other network of Spain and with civil services. 

Non formal education and training: Seminars about volunteering. Non formal education about volunteering management. Education of teachers. Publication of teaching and learning materials. 

Technical support: Technical support to association, networks and federations at regional level. Library about association topics and volunteering. Creations of patterns for the programs management. 

Research: Guide of associations and volunteering in Andalusia. Research about needs and requests of volunteering associations in Andalusia.

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