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Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations

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Hviezdoslavova 119
90031 Stupava

Tel.: +421 904 368 693



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The Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations (the Platform) is a national umbrella and membership organisation of volunteer centres and volunteer involving organizations in Slovakia which was established as one of the results of European Year of Volunteering (EYV 2011) in Slovakia as well as an impact of the systematic and long cooperation of volunteer centres in Slovakia. In 2011, The Platform became a member of the Government Council for NGOs , where it represents interests of volunteer centres and volunteer involving organisations.
The mission of the Platform is to create a positive environment for development of volunteering in Slovakia. The specific goals and activities of the Platform are:
  • Advocacy for the members’ interests and provision of information about development on volunteering in Slovakia and in Europe to all the members of the Platform;
  • Creation of policies supporting volunteering;
  • Building up the volunteering infrastructure in Slovakia – setting up the new volunteer centres and increasing the quality and standards of existing volunteer centres;
  • Advocacy for legal and economic status of volunteer centres and volunteer organisations;
  • Development of funding schemes for volunteering –  grant schemes and systematic financial support of volunteer centres so that they would become sustainable resource centres for volunteers and volunteer organisations;
  • Development of the educational programs, supervision, and consultancy for professionals and volunteers in non-governmental and public institutions;
  • Development of the positions of volunteer coordinators in non – governmental and public organisations;
  • Recognition of volunteering as a tool of non-formal learning and as a process of gaining competences and benefits for volunteers´ professional and personal lives;
  • Recognition of volunteering as a tool of preparation for labour market and as a way to employment;
  • Implementation of projects focused on education on volunteering, active participation and mobility of volunteers and professionals working in the field volunteering;
  • Implementation of researches and preparation of publications in the field of volunteering.
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