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Pro Vobis – Centrul National de Resurse pentru Voluntariat

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Contact information

Strada Rene Descartes, Nr. 6
400486 Cluj-Napoca
Tel: +40 264 412 897
Fax: +40 264 412 897
Email: provobis[at]


General information

The Pro Vobis National Volunteer Centre is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan (politically or religiously) organisation working in Romania. The Centre is affiliated with the most prestigious international bodies working in its field: CEV – the European Volunteer Center and IAVE – the International Association for Volunteer Effort.

The Mission of Pro Vobis National Volunteer Centre in Romania is to promote and develop volunteerism as a viable and irreplaceable resource in solving the problems the Romanian society is now facing.

Our vision is that of a Romanian society in which each and every person contributes voluntarily to the development of the community they live in either by offering time, knowledge, energy, skills, talents or experience; or by supporting the voluntary initiatives within the community financially. We dream of a society where volunteer involvement for community benefit represents a valued and accepted part of one’s life, in harmony with other engagements with family, education, work and recreation.

Pro Vobis National Volunteer Centre, through its members, volunteers and employees respects and militates for equal rights for all people without discrimination, promotes active involvement in community life, believes in the unlimited ability of each community member to participate in solving community problems.

All Pro Vobis initiatives are guided by core principles such as: non-discrimination, fair treatment, transparency, efficiency, professionalism, lifelong learning, focusing on the needs and interests of the clients and beneficiaries, respect for the law and social responsibility.

Pro Vobis National Volunteer Center fulfills its mission by implementing several programs according to two main lines of action:


1. Services to promote the concept and practice of volunteerism in Romania:

National Conference on Volunteering,
The web page,
National Volunteer Week,
Pro Vobis Library,
Public presentations on the concept and practice of volunteerism.

2. Services for developing the infrastructure for volunteering in Romania:

(a) Services for the Volunteer Centers:

Logistic support
Facilitation of networking
The members’ web page (section of the web page

(b) Services for the organisations/institutions/groups interesting in setting up volunteer centers as independent organisations, departments or programs:

Setting-up meeting facilitation
Presentations on the role of the volunteer center within the community.

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