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Rock Corps

Contact information:

5 rue de Palestro
75002 Paris
Tel: + 33 1 44 76 92 97
Email: info[at]


General information


RockCorps has a simple mission: to make volunteering a rite of passage for people around the world. RockCorps stages unique music concerts or sporting events. You can’t win a ticket, you can’t buy a ticket, you have to earn a ticket by giving four hours to a RockCorps organised volunteer project.


RockCorps’ aims are to:

*Inspire people to volunteer in their community.
*Through music make volunteering accessible.
*Promote community based volunteering opportunities.
*Promote positive images of young people.
*Celebrate volunteering.


Since its inception in 2003, RockCorps has organised 1,365 projects with over 1,000 charity partners that have allowed 100,000 youth to experience what volunteering is all about. RockCorps has had or currently has programmes in France, the UK, USA, Israel, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.
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