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Slovenska filantropija

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Poljanska cesta 12
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 (0)1 430 12 88
Fax: +386 (0)1 430 12 89
Email: info[at]


General information

Slovene Philanthropy is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political organisation established in 1992 with the aim of developing and promoting different forms of humanitarian activity in Slovenia.

The objective of Slovene Philanthropy is to encourage and spread volunteering and other charity work in the social field by: developing programmes of voluntary work, especially the voluntary work of youth and of the elderly; promoting volunteering through training and educating volunteers, organisers and mentors of voluntary work; raising public awareness of the importance of volunteers; developing the network of volunteer organisations throughout Slovenia.

Our activities are not carried out only in Slovenia. A considerable part of our work takes place in countries affected by armed conflicts, in countries originating from former Yugoslavia and other countries in South East Europe. With its activities Slovene Philanthropy has been contributing to peace and stability.


The Activities of Slovene Philanthropy can be defined as:

Promotion of ideas of solidarity and encouraging public solidarity
Co-operation with governmental organisations in target areas (poverty, refugees and asylum seekers, helping the elderly and including the elderly in voluntary work, promotion of volunteering and other forms of solidarity)
Co-operation with services and institutions (medical service, educational system, social security) in the development of voluntary work in the social field
Development of new models of voluntary work
Training of experts and volunteers
Publishing materials
Spreading Slovene experience and know-how to areas affected by war.


The expansion of activities:

Calling public attention to the importance of volunteering
Drawing attention to the role of non-governmental organisations and volunteers in reducing the impact of poverty and preventing social exclusion
A substantial expansion of activities for asylum seekers
Acquisition of a concession for serving alternative army service at Slovene Philanthropy
Participation in international projects
Media promotion of Slovene Philanthropy and its activities.

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