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SosyalBen Foundation

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Contact information
Nispetiye Caddesi Petrol Sitesi 9. Blok D:17
Etiler, Beşiktaş
İstanbul 34340
Tel: + 09 212 263 8591
Email: info(at)


General information

SosyalBen Foundation is a non-governmental organization aiming to discover and develop the social skills and social selves of children, who live in disadvantageous areas and between the ages of 7-13, and carrying out for this purpose fieldworks and trainings in national and international levels to contribute to the personal development thereof, and also aiming to strengthen the consciousness of social responsibility, entrepreneurship and volunteerism as well as the skills of children and young people for raising them as adults responsible for the world they are living in. SosyalBen Foundation contributes to the development of children’s social skills through fieldworks such as painting, music, dance, theater, creative writing, short film, photography, sports, creative drama, stage and performing arts and invention. SosyalBen Foundation is active 72 cities in Türkiye from the Province of Kars in the East to the Province of Edirne in the West and from the Province of Sinop in the North to the Province of Hatay in the South, and also worldwide from Gambia to Macedonia, from Nepal to Mongolia and from Cambodia to Montenegro. The financial resources needed for the performance of all the workings carried out in all these domestic and worldwide regions are provided from sponsors, donations, the SosyalBen Store and the SosyalBen Akademi.


SosyalBen Store is a sales store where various products are established to create a budget for the work of SosyalBen Foundation and to raise awareness in more people. All of the products are designed by volunteers and with each product sold more field work allows more children to reach. By transferring 35% of the profit share to the SosyalBen Foundation in return for the products that are selling via e-commerce and various shops around Türkiye, a contribution is made to the sustainability of social benefit. SosyalBen Academy is the second economic enterprise of the SosyalBen Foundation. Social enterprise-based organization Socialben Academy provides social responsibility project consultancy services to corporate companies, educational institutions and students in order to increase the rate of volunteerism in Türkiye and create a more livable world. The consultancy provided aims to spread the participation of individuals in volunteering activities primarily through the consultancy provided, and in this context, in order for individuals and institutions to spend their social responsibility hours in the most active, efficient and creative way, a specific social responsibility program is prepared for the individual and institution. By transferring 45% of the profit share to the SosyalBen Foundation in return for the consultancy services provided, a contribution is made to the sustainability of social benefit.

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