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CARDO –  National Volunteer Centre

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Contact information

Tomášikova 3/A,
821 01 Bratislava
P.O.BOX 300, 814 99
Tel: +421 918 987 479


General information

CARDO is a non-profit and independent organisation, which was founded in May 2004 as a Slovak umbrella body with focus on gathering and spreading the information and know-how of various European states in the fields of volunteerism, education, management and financing of public and non-profit organisations in Slovakia.

CARDO is mostly active in three areas: creating new forms of education for youth and for the elderly, developing the hospice movement, and developing the voluntary sector in Slovakia. Based on foreign experience and through cooperating with Slovak experts, CARDO creates a system of complex work, education and care of volunteers in hospitals, hospices and retirements homes.

By working in the voluntary sector and by recognising the foreign volunteer infrastructure, we have realised the huge need of developing the local volunteer centres network in Slovakia.

In 2006 CARDO joined several Slovak voluntary institutions, in order to build a voluntary sector infrastructure in Slovakia and to pave the way for development of new voluntary activities in Slovakia.

Our main goals in this area are to:

1. Establish the Slovak national virtual volunteer centre which will:

Promote volunteering to the general public, the media and policy makers
Gather and spread information about volunteering services for organisations, which wish implement new methods in their involvement of volunteers
Offer suitable voluntary activities for individuals who wish to volunteer
Promote the recognition of voluntary work within society

2. Create a network of local volunteer centres in Slovakia

3. Consult and supervise volunteers, volunteer co-ordinators and professionals

4. Make national and international contacts with institutions involved in voluntary initiatives – to learn from experienced national and international organisations

5. Advise the Slovak volunteer organisations as well as individuals on legal, financial and administrative issues

6. Train volunteers and professionals to implement the use of volunteers in their organisations


We are located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Through the national virtual volunteer centre we operate throughout Slovakia.

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