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SVS Pubblica Assistenza

Associate member
Contact information

Via San Giovanni, 30

Tel: 0586/896040 – 888888
Fax: 0586/838807

General information:
The SVS Pubblica Assistenza is a Voluntary Association founded in the city of Livorno in 1890. The institutional activities is the main rescue service but in the course of its history has developed additional activities such as:
Emergency Medical Rescue
Ambulance Services
Donation of Blood
The Civil Protection/Disaster Relief
Social Interaction Programs
Rescue at Sea
Fire Fighting and Prevention
International Aid Programs
Cultural and recreational activities
Animal Safeguard, Protection and Rescue
SVS in the course of its history has obtained numerous honors, awards and gold medals in all of Italy, which demonstrate the high value and quality of their social activities and care programs.
Volunteering is the critical component for the history, life and the daily action of SVS Pubblica Assistenza, carrying out its activities in the form totally free, in compliance with the Law on Volunteering (Law 266/91) and sharing the Charter of Values ​​of Volunteering drawn up by FIVOL and  “Gruppo Abele”.
SVS has started a program of cooperation with the developing countries, carrying out projects in support of international solidarity.
Through the years, the intervention involved the following countries:
  • SAHARAWI (Support for the exiled population, and to support the reception of children in Italy)
  • BOSNIA (Humanitarian Aid);
  • CUBA (Healthcare support);
  • SENEGAL (Ambulance);
  • BURKINA FASO (Supporting the construction of water wells);
  • NICARAGUA (Project Delivery Room)
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