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Project Partners



E.N.T.E.R. GMBH (Austria)





Centre for European Volunteering (Belgium)

Pundi X 365 LIMITED (Cyprus)



The project contributes to facilitating and innovating the recognition and validation of competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning in the field of youth volunteering. The main aim lies in enhancing young people’s employability and social participation as well as the quality of the work done by youth/voluntary organisations.

The project will contribute to overcome some of the obstacles that still hinder the diffusion of validation practices in the voluntary sector: the lack of flexible, easy-to-use instruments; the lack of awareness on the relevance of transversal skills, and on volunteering as an experience of development of those skills; the lack of specific skills in youth workers for guiding validation processes of young volunteers; the lack of a clear framework of learning outcomes of informal learning through volunteering and of the related competences that can be acquired.

The main results of the project are: a simplification of the process of validation; an increased awareness on the importance of validation and transversal skills among relevant stakeholders; a qualitative and quantitative increase in young volunteers’ participation in transnational activities, also among young people with fewer opportunities. On a longer term, the expected impact is that the project contributes to increase the share of young volunteers who receive formal recognition and who use Europass; that the DYVO Model can become a standard at least in the regions where it is tested, but also be transferred in other regions and countries, so that an increasing number of youth/voluntary organizations may implement it and an increasing number of young volunteers may validate their competences; that DYVO project can contribute to national and European debate on validation, especially as regards the use of ICT-based tools.


  • Developing a new digital, easy-to-use and innovative tool to support the recognition and validation of competences in youth volunteering;

  • Empowering young volunteers, youth workers and organisations to develop and exploit methods, tools and procedures for validating competences including the new Europass framework;

  • Elaborating a clear framework of learning outcomes and related competences, informal learning through youth volunteering and a clear methodology of validation;

  • Promoting the recognition and validation of competences of young volunteers with fewer opportunities.

TOOLS developed in the DYVO project:

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