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Past projects

The project promotes participatory democracy and aims to analyse internal participation and democracy looking at the relations with Politics and Public institutions.

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It contributes to further strengthening of the role of volunteers in times of crisis in modern Europe. The specific objective is to provide evidence-based recommendations for the improvement of the voluntary services aimed at the inclusion of refugees on the EU level

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NET-Age aims at strengthening the development capabilities of the Adriatic regions involved and the demographic process focusing on innovative social and healthy services to favour active ageing and independent living of the elderly.

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The project allows getting a deeper understanding of CEV's work and methodology in promoting volunteering Europe to allow exchanges of best practices and experience.

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Social Atelier aims to affirm volunteering as a way of informal learning, promote the concept of EVS and European Values, strengthen the international cooperation and partners, and develop the community

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Volcar project's goal is to deliver guidance for volunteers to raise their employability by being better able to identify and describe their learning outcomes gained through volunteering.

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A youth project aiming at great enhancing the recognition of Non Formal and Informal Learning and at providing youth-led organisations to implement internal systems of recognition of the competences of their volunteers.

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This project develops at European level an innovative model that systematically brings together information about volunteers and their interests with volunteering opportunities locally and abroad.

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A project aimed at increasing the quality of EVS-European Voluntary Service, especially the mentoring process.

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Development of a validation system for transversal skills and competencies acquired whilst volunteering.

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Aims to make a step further in recognising and promoting cross-border volunteering (through three events in Europe).

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Making it matter project will enable the creation of methods and indicators for impact measurement that will help volunteer involving organisations to understand the key benefits, and shape the most inclusive volunteer programs.  [read more]

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