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ESC What!

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  • Torres Vedras Sociedade de História Natural;

  • Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg;

  • CSV di Padova e Rovigo;

  • Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.

ESC WHAT! Reporting Materials

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Article in the Torres Vedras Local Newspaper


The "European Solidarity Corps Waterways Heritage Action Together!" (ESC WHAT!) project will bring together 80 young people from Augsburg, Kosice, Lisbon, Padova and Stirling in 5 different activities in the 5 countries involved, where EVCCC members are partners. The contribution of the volunteer teams will provide a much needed boost to the ongoing efforts of local volunteers already engaging to protect and promote cultural heritage.  Originally planned for summer 2020, the activities are scheduled for 2022.


Gabriella Civico


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