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Current projects

Revealing European Values In Volunteering in Europe #REVIVE has the objective to gain more visibility for volunteering allowing volunteers’ voices implying the full diversification of genders and other discriminating factors to be understood at the EU level and contributing to the recognition of volunteering.

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The V-Calc project will enable 800 volunteer managers and coordinators of all ages & diversity to measure and understand the impact of their volunteers.


The European Quality Standards in the Validation of the Learning from Volunteering will develop standards for the validation of skills and competencies aquired through volunteering.

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Aims to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people by developing, testing and validating an intergenerational, cross-border mentoring programme occurring between older, experienced people (mentors, 50+) and young mentees (18-30y.o.) at risk of marginalization.

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EVI-DEMS aims to gain a greater understanding of the current situation regarding the training and qualifications currently available to existing and potential volunteer managers.  [read more]


Encourage better understanding of cultural, social, political context of relations between youth engagement through volunteering and EU values.

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To contribute to the social inclusion of people with disabilities by training 250 mentors specialised in supporting people with disabilities who are volunteers or wish to be volunteers. The project intends to create a platform that can be used for training and for matching mentors and mentees, with training materials in different languages.[read more]


To define common quality standards in order to facilitate to voluntary organisations and institutions across the
EU the identification, promotion and development of good practices in the field of youth volunteering. [read more]


To develop a suitable upscaled methodology for delivering service learning programmes in primary schoolsCreate and put in place the user-friendly online platform to train the primary school teachers; Train and develop the capacity of primary school teachers to deliver quality service learning in primary schools; [read more]


To foster and enhance the quality of opportunities for youth participation in democratic life and social and civic engagement in communities through the connection of formal and non-formal learning by creating the conditions for the development of service-learning strategy in Central and Eastern European countries (CEE region). [read more]

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