Current projects

"Family Volunteering: A new form of engagement!" involves more than one person in a household or extended family, from different generations volunteering together. [read more]

VOLPRIS.EU aims to invest in the qualification of volunteering management in prison to have a positive impact upon volunteers' daily work effectiveness, and therefore on reoffending rates. [read more]


Complex Toolbox for Volunteers on preparing and running international projects. [read more]


Upgrading Validation will ease for volunteering organisations to include validation of skills and competences in their volunteer policy & for volunteers to be aware of the value of validation as part of the volunteer action. [read more]


The project helps to share the crucial lessons learned while facing migrant integration challenges at the local level and replicate good and proven practices in cities willing to build their capacity. It also aims to build the capacity of volunteer groups through contacts and exchanges with similar actors across Europe. [read more]

“Volunteers as a force of solidarity in times of crisis” specific objective is to gather opinions on volunteering in times of crisis and after, and to promote volunteering as a solidarity and democracy force in Europe, which is in line with EU policies and strategies. [read more]

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Making it matter project will enable the creation of methods and indicators for impact measurement that will help volunteer involving organisations to understand the key benefits, and shape the most inclusive volunteer programs.  [read more]

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This project aims to create a model of service learning for schools which will use non-formal methodologies to introduce school age children to civil society and volunteering related topics. [read more]

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