EVS Realm

Results and tools created during our 30-month long project:

1.     EVS Strong Houses Mastery Class 

A Training framework for beginner ESC hosting organizations – focused on organisational management in relation to quality ESC project design, generating meaningful learning experiences for all those involved (volunteers, organizations, community);

2.     Mentors’ Initiation Journey Itinerary 

A Training Framework for ESC mentors (current or future) or other support-persons – focused on generating understanding of the mentoring role and defining an individualised mentoring process for each volunteer and the overall support-role to be offered within an ESC volunteering project;

3.     TreasureBox for Mentors and other support-persons in ESC Volunteering projects  

A set of 26 working tools and mentoring techniques for ESC mentors  and other support-persons, structured in 4 support-categories (Building relationships within the project team; Personal, emotional and mental wellbeing; Problem Solving; Personal Development and the Learning Process)  for different mentoring needs and phases in a mentoring relationship;

4.     Policy Paper on ESC Quality

Policy proposals for the improvement of the mentoring dimension in transnational volunteering program ESC, based on evidence gathered throughout the project.

5. Policy Recommendations for Improved ESC Quality

Policy recommendations on how to improve the quality of  (ESC) long-term, full-time volunteering projects, both in-country and cross-border, with a particular focus on the crucial role of mentors. The document is available in Flemish, French, Greek, Polish, Romanian.

EVS Realm Final Multiplier Event

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