EVS Realm Final Multiplier Event
Results and tools created during our 30-month long project:

1.     EVS Strong Houses Mastery Class – a Training framework for beginner ESC hosting organizations – focused on organisational management in relation to quality ESC project design, generating meaningful learning experiences for all those involved (volunteers, organizations, community);

2.     Mentors’ Initiation Journey Itinerary – a Training Framework for ESC mentors (current or future) or other support-persons – focused on generating understanding of the mentoring role and defining an individualised mentoring process for each volunteer and the overall support-role to be offered within an ESC volunteering project;

3.     TreasureBox for Mentors and other support-persons in ESC Volunteering projects  – a set of 26 working tools and mentoring techniques for ESC mentors  and other support-persons, structured in 4 support-categories (Building relationships within the project team; Personal, emotional and mental wellbeing; Problem Solving; Personal Development and the Learning Process)  for different mentoring needs and phases in a mentoring relationship;

4.     Policy Paper on ESC Quality – policy proposals for the improvement of the mentoring dimension in transnational volunteering program ESC, based on evidence gathered throughout the project.

5. Policy Recommendations for Improved ESC Quality -  Policy recommendations on how to improve the quality of  (ESC)long-term, full-time volunteering projects, both in- country and cross-border, with a particular focus on the crucial role of mentors. The document is available in Flemish, French, Greek, Polish, Romanian.


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