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UpVal - Upgrading Validation



In this project we plan to:
- do research about the support on 3 levels, needed to implement validation in the voluntary sector
- explore successful implementation that has taken place in France, The Netherlands, and Romania - develop a step-by-step roadmap for implementing validation in a volunteering organisation
- create connections with EQF / national qualification frameworks, to strengthen the role of volunteering in enhancing people's employability

We expect that the Intellectual Outputs
- will make it easier for volunteering organisations to include ''validation of skills and competences'' in their volunteer policy
- will make it easier for volunteers to become aware of the value of validation as part of their volunteering, to benefit from this for their position on the labour market and/or in society, and for their personal development
- will make it easier for volunteer centers, or other support structures, to encourage volunteering organisations to offer validation arrangements to their volunteers.

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