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Rethinking Climate Risk: The Venice Paradigm

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Project Coordinator

University of Padova, Italy


The course will involve the following organisations

We are here Venice

CEV (Centro Europeo Volontariato)

Save the Children Italia

Erasmus Student Network

Public authorities (e.g. Provveditorato Interregionale per le Opere Pubbliche, Comune di Venezia, Confcommercio Venezia, Protezione Civile)

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The project

This project is organised in the framework of the Action Line 7 Engaged European Citizens of the ARQUS program. More in detail, the international short-course is related to the challenge-based learning programme about the theme “European citizens in an ‘age of rage’ triggered by climate change”. The rapidity and complexity of linked climate and other changes are undermining communities’ long-held understandings and practices of managing risks; from storms, to heatwaves or floods. This is shaking key institutions (like municipalities) claims to control these risks, and undermining public trust in them. Europe’s cities are being forced to (re-)build institutions for governing a new class of risks beyond their experience. Rethinking risk implicates a great many disciplines and professions, and demands vigorous public debate.
This short-course is focused on the city of Venice and its complex interactions with exceptional tidal-related flooding events. The aim of the course is to provide a 360-degree view of the flooding issue, starting from a scientific overview of natural and anthropic intervening factors.

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