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 Mentoring Across Borders (MAB)

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About the project

Mentoring Across Borders (MAB) aims to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people by developing, testing and validating an intergenerational, cross-border mentoring programme occurring between older, experienced people (mentors, 50+) and young mentees (18-30y.o.) at risk of marginalization. MAB builds on the successful outcomes of the Erasmus+ EvolYou project by enhancing its best practices and transferring its innovation on a pan-European level by:

  • Redefining, improving and formalizing the mentoring methodology.

  • Setting-up a pan-European mentoring network, comprised of voluntary or senior associations and NGOs across Europe, that will act as Mentoring Hubs between mentors and mentees.

  • Developing a web-based Mentoring Platform, to facilitate the onboarding of participants (organizations, mentors, mentees) to the mentoring programme and enable cross-country matching between mentors and mentees.

  • Implementing and evaluating the proposed mentoring programme for at least six months with the involvement of 120 mentors and 120 mentees from East and Southern European countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and Poland), where the impact of the programme on improving the employability of youngsters will be more evident.

  • Achieving pan-European visibility of the project, to promote active citizenship of older people and advocate on the benefits of the proposed approach for young adults (NEETs) to policy makers and stakeholders across Europe.

  • Through the partnership of Western, Eastern and Southern European organizations, the project provides an excellent opportunity for participating organizations to exchange experiences and best practices with peer organizations across Europe, to increase the quality and relevance of their activities, develop and reinforce their networks of partners and increase their capacity to operate at transnational level.

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