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VOLPRIS.EU is a 3 years Erasmus+ Project (2019 - 2022) which goal is to identify strategic, needs-based pathways between voluntary organisations and prisons and how to train managers in prison to support these.

VOLPRIS.EU aims to invest in the qualification of volunteering management in prison to have a positive impact upon volunteers' daily work effectiveness, and therefore on reoffending rates.

VOLPRIS.EU brings together eight organisations from five European Member States. As four prison Administrations and four non-profit volunteering organisations. Partners not only bring their particular expertise but previous working relationships with other partners that serve to underline their commitment to the value of Voluntary Sector Organisations (VSOs) in the Criminal Justice System (CJS). 


VOLPRIS.EU aims to:
1. Explore mutual learning opportunities between Prisons and VSOs by creating exchange frameworks which will facilitate the comparability between different EU prison practices regarding volunteering;
2. Identify key performance indicators between National Prison Administrations and volunteer organisations within secure settings;
3. Develop a training curriculum and programme to support the development of a CJS volunteer manager profile, and develop a European Volunteer Managers training guide;
4. Establish common European minimum standards to train volunteers working in prison environment and to assess the quality of volunteer organisations and/or programmes;
5. Promote collaborative training to take advantage of scale and creativity to ensure a common baseline message and reduce delivery costs.


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag Erasmus+ Project Managing Volunteers in Prisons in Europe by Project Partners © 2019-2022 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at

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